HP, the worldwide renowned American multinational information technology company, offers a wide assortment of products such as computer system, laptops, printers, notebooks, and more. To manage these products, the company also offers a plethora of software and tools. HP Printer Assistant is one such among all those software that help the printer users to do a lot of printing related tasks without any hassle.

What is HP Printer Assistant?

Talking about the HP Printer Assistant in detail, it is printer management software that gets installed automatically with your HP printer drivers. The only thing you have to ensure is to download and install full-featured drivers either through CD or from the HP website. Once installed, you can scan photos, check ink-levels, print documents, order supplies, and do all other printing-related tasks in seconds.

At present, the software is only available for the Windows users. Mac users get HP Utility with the HP printer driver installation; this includes similar tools and features as that of HP Printer Assistant.

How to download the HP Printer Assistant?

To download the HP Printer Assistant, visit the HP Customer Support- Software and Driver Downloads section on the HP website. Select Printers from the device options. Now, provide your specific printer details such as name or model number. Followed by this, you have to check whether the operating system details fetched by the HP website are correct or not.
Click the Change button and modify the operating system version, if required. Hit the Download button available right below to the Drivers. Wait until the process finishes. Now, proceed to the installation by running the downloaded file and choosing from Typical or Recommended to decide the type of installation.

During the download or installation process, if you experience any trouble, then pick up your phone and call the HP Printer support team. A support technician will respond to your call to provide you with a permanent fix to the error.

How to open or find the HP Printer Assistant?

To open the software, click the installed HP Printer’s icon on your computer system. You will see the HP Printer Assistant there in the window.

Tried accessing HP Printer Assistant but failed?

This usually happens when you upgrade your Windows operating system. In general, when you open or access this printer management software, you see its printer settings and tools view. But after the upgrade, you might be asked to “Connect a new printer”. To fix this issue, you can try out the following solutions:

  1. If asked to connect a new printer display
    In this case, you have to reconnect the printer, uninstall all HP software installed on your PC, reinstall the HP printer drivers from the HP website or the CD, and then restart your computer system. This will surely fix the problem, and you will see the HP Printer Assistant settings and tools view upon accessing.
  2. If asked to connect a new printer window display
    To fix this out, delete the installed printer from the list of printer connected to your computer system. Now, open the HP Printer Assistant and connect your specific printer to it. Set this newly connected printer as default and restart your computer system as well as the printer.
  3. Unable to open the HP Printer Assistant with a USB Connected printer
    To resolve this problem, reconnect your printer, uninstall the HP software from your computer system, reinstall the latest and updated drivers from the HP website, and then you can use the software.
    If the problem persists, reach out to the team of HP support technicians and get an assured solution.